Lake Record Program


What is the biggest fish you?ve ever caught? A seven-pound largemouth, a two-pound crappie or a 45-pound blue catfish? While your fish may not have broken a state record, it could very possibly be the biggest fish ever caught out of your favorite lake. Now thanks to new technology and a network of record keepers at lakes around the state, your next trophy could qualify as a lake record. The program was established as a way to serve anglers and recognize big fish and the lakes they come from.


Show me the fish! Follow this link to find information and photographs of the record fish caught through this program.

Find a Record Keeper Click here to find where you can weigh in a potentially new lake record

View Current State Records This link goes to the current Oklahoma Rod and Reel State Records

Become a Record Keeper Follow this link to find out if you are eligible to become a Lake Record Fish Record Keeper

***Fish can be weighed in alive, dead or frozen, but are heaviest when alive or kept on ice.***

Below are the 14 species and their minimum weights that qualify for lake records:


Largemouth bass  (6 lbs.) Smallmouth bass   (4 lbs.) Spotted bass   (2 lbs.)
Crappie (2 lbs.)   Channel catfish   (15 lbs.)      Blue catfish  (40 lbs.)
Flathead catfish   (40 lbs.)   White bass   (3 lbs.) Striped bass   (20 lbs.)
Hybrid striped bass   (8 lbs.) Walleye/Saugeye   (5 lbs.)  Sunfish (any species)   (1 lb.)
Paddlefish/Spoonbill   (40 lbs.) Rainbow trout   (6 lbs.)  (New)  





Former First Lady Kim Henry and
the Lake Record Program