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Fish SpeciesCrappie
LakeShawnee Twin #1
ReelAbu Garcia
RodShakespear Ugly Stick
Catch MethodBait casting rod and reel
Weighed ConditionAlive
Length (inches)15.25
Girth (inches)13.75
Weight (pounds)2.1
Angler's NameLucas Ellis
Angler's CityMcLoud
Angler's StateOK
Date CaughtMar 24 2010
Area CaughtSouth of dam, 230 yards on east side
Lake RecordYes
Record KeeperOFRL
Additional CommentThe jig was a chartreuse and black bucktail.
Angler StoryMy wife and I headed to Shawnee Twin Lakes after she got off work. We fished for about and 1 ĺ hours. I had been there several times in the past few months but hadnít caught anything yet. When this fish hit my jig, it immediately started for some standing brush. I was able to turn it away from there and got it back to the boat where I landed it. The rod and reel that I was using was one that was given to me by my father when I was five years old. I guess it still works pretty well.
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