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Fish Detail
Fish Information
Fish SpeciesCrappie
LakeWes Watkins
BaitNatural bait
Catch MethodSpinning rod and reel
Weighed ConditionAlive
Length (inches)16.00
Girth (inches)15.00
Weight (pounds)2.7
Angler's NameCory Gray
Angler's CityChoctaw
Angler's StateOK
Date CaughtMar 29 2010
Area Caught74th Street Bridge
Lake RecordYes
Record KeeperFishmarket Bait and Tackle
Angler StoryOn the night of March 29, 2010 the kids were almost in bed. After obtaining a kitchen pass from the boss (my wife), I took a dozen minnows and one pole rigged for crappie down to Wes Watkins just to see if they had finally come in. This was a last minute thought just to see if I could get anything to bite. The moon was full, and there was a slight south breeze. After fishing for almost 45 minutes with no luck, I moved to what would be the last spot of the night. I made a good cast around structure, and my lighted bobber went all the way under. The fish fought hard - diving, pulling, and even taking out a little drag. I was convinced that I had either hooked a small largemouth or a sandbass. I wrestled the fish into the bank. Much to my surprise, gleaming in the moonlight was one of the largest crappie I have ever laid eyes on! I guess it just reaffirms that you can't catch 'em at home...
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