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Fish Detail
Fish Information
Fish SpeciesLargemouth bass
Catch MethodBait casting rod and reel
Weighed ConditionAlive
Length (inches)24.75
Girth (inches)21.00
Weight (pounds)11.8
Angler's NameMark Wiles
Angler's CityShady Point
Angler's StateOK
Date CaughtMar 30 2010
Area CaughtSouth
Lake RecordYes
Record Keeper
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Additional CommentThe fish was caught on a hand made Chatter Bait with a twist, I call it the Wiles Wiggler. The fish was in about three feet of water in the middle of a weed bed when it crushed the lure. The wind was blowing 20 mph, with 40 mph gusts, water temp. 53 deg
Angler StoryI waited by the ramp for my fishing partner Terry Johnson, a close friend, to arrive. I had been considering just heading back to the house on account of the wind and wind forecast for the day. I had listened to the forecast before heading out that morning. It was a little bit disappointing due to the fact I was on vacation, and I didn’t think I was going to get on the water. The wind was scheduled to blow 20 mph withy 45 mph. gusts and 77 deg air temp. Terry showed up around 9:30 am and we decided to try it for a while. We fished for about an hour and decided we could tie up under a bridge and get out of the wind awhile and crappie fish. I sat there about thirty minutes and I said ”I have had enough of this, lets go bass fishing”. After all, that is why we come down to Sardis. As both Terry and I both are avid tournament fishermen, the suspense just kills us waiting on the crappie to bite. I idled my 521vx Ranger down the bank trying to get out of the wind. Once it slacked I put the trolling motor down and the search was on. I had tied on my handmade chatter style bait that my friends have nicknamed the “Wiles Wiggler “. Chunking and winding as we trolled down through the weed bed, we rounded the point and I slung the bait down the middle of the weed bed. Half way in the bait got heavy and I set the hook. The battle was on. I reeled the fish to the side of the boat, where Terry and I both got our first glimpse of the fish. As do all tournament fishermen I yelled “get the net” and Terry expertly scooped the fish on its second pass by the boat. He said,”that’s a good fish Mark”. I didn’t get excited until Terry picked up his small Pomeranian dog that was with us. He said “Mark you need to pick up the fish and the dog together, there is not much difference in the weight, and the dog weighed 15lbs. 1oz. a month ago at his check up". Then I started wandering just how big it really was. Terry and I made it back to our camp where he had a set of scales, so he pulled them out and weighed the fish. I told him to tell me what it weighed because I couldn’t look. The expression on Terry’s face was worth a million dollars. At that point he said “what do you think it weighs”, and I said “just tell me”. On his scales it weighed 12lbs. 1oz. and he said that it would be a new lake record. I took all the precautions I could think of to keep the fish safe from harm. I filled my live well full of water and added Rejuvenate to calm the fish and replace her slime coat. We then headed to the Clayton Country Store to get it weighed, and measured. It weighed 11.8 pounds on the official scales .I kept the fish in a tournament weigh-in bag of water while it was being checked, and promptly returned it to the live well when done. I drove back to the lake, snapped a few pictures and returned the fish to the water. What a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!! A fish of a life time, good luck to all, and hope to see you on the water!!!
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