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Fish Detail
Fish Information
Fish SpeciesStriped bass hybrid
LakeChouteau L&D
BaitHard baits/plugs
Catch MethodSpinning rod and reel
Weighed ConditionAlive
Length (inches)26.25
Girth (inches)20.75
Weight (pounds)11.5
Angler's NameJoshua Denton
Angler's CityPorter
Angler's StateOK
Date CaughtApr 20 2010
Area Caught Tailwaters below Choteau Dam
Lake RecordYes
Record KeeperOFRL
Additional Comment
Angler StoryI got up early to go fishing with my dad and his friend. When we got below the dam it was really cold and the water was barely running. The fish were not biting, and there was very little activity down there. We were fishing for a little while, and tried several different lures with no results. Right after I lost one of my lures, I decided to try a chartruse lure from my dad's tackle box. I cast out about 5 times. On the 5th throw I was reeling in about 30 yards from the bank, when suddenly my bait stopped and it felt like I hit a rock. Then my line started zipping out faster than I ever heard it. My dad looked over and asked it I had a fish and I said, "Yes!" I felt as if I had a monster on my line and my heart was racing like crazy! I was really worried about my line breaking. After I fought the fish for about 15 minutes with a Zebco 33, I finally saw it. It was the biggest hybrid I had ever seen! Then suddenly, it disappeared into the water and my line started zipping out again. After the fish made a few more short runs, I was finally able to get it to the bank, where my dad was able to net it. As my dad was lifting the fish out of the water in the net, the lure ripped out of its mouth. I was so thankful my dad had brought the net that day. After we were through fishing, my dad decided to stop by the Wildlife Department to see if I might have a lake record. My heart started racing again and I told him to hurry and get there. When we got there, we went inside and asked about the Lake Record Program. Everyone in there was real nice. They told me in order to qualify I must have at least an 8 pound hybrid. They weighed my fish and the scale read 11.5 pounds. I was so excited when they told me that I had indeed caught a new lake record and they needed to take my picture! As we were going home I asked my dad, "Am I dreaming? I have always dreamed of having my name in the record books!" Then I went home and told my family and friends about one of the best fishing days I have ever had with my dad. I am so thankful to God for letting me have such a big fish, to my dad for taking me fishing, and to the Wildlife Department for starting this Lake Record Program. Without them I couldn't have my name in the record books! Thank you Oklahoma Department of Wildlife!!!!!
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